1、sheep fur

On a global scale, only the merino sheep of Australia is the real authentic fur raw materials, in order to achieve the highest quality,SUTTONSUGG always USES the industry's most top grade inflation merino sheep fur,only a handful of ugg boots brand will use, both in stiffness of the pedal and wool density is no compare other levels.

2、merino shoes

SUTTONSUGG select Australia merino SUTTONSUGG select Australia merino breeding sheep fur as support material,integrated the sheep fur a hair feeling soft delicate, elasticity,density and excellent and cream-colored don't rub off, to prevent pollution of the feet, in the forefoot and heel increased double 3 mm latex,a total of 6 mm high memory more unmatched flexibility and comfort.

3sole (secondary MD little red bottom)

After two years of research and development, SUTTONSUGG combining the kangaroo and the design inspiration of the human body mechanics, using MODEL technology, selection of high quality natural rubber of EVA and Vietnam as raw materials, add 6 mm shock cushion, design a fourth generation ugg boots small red bottom soles - secondary MD, make up for congenital deficiency of all kinds of ugg boots shoes, light slippery wear-resisting physical properties such as high elastic, give attention to two or morethings kangaroo logo of MD little red bottom also become a symbol of the SUTTONSUGG.

4、SUTTONS UGG in Australia and China has a number of technology patents

 Martin boots appearance patent (NO. 347334);

 loafers appearance patent (NO. 366034);

loafers appearance patent (NO. 201530456728.0).

 ugg boots appearance patent (NO. 201530456537.4);

 cowboy boots punk appearance patent (NO. 201530456541.0);

Cowboy boots in punk appearance patent (NO. 201530456556.7);

All landowners lace-up punk ugg boots appearance patent (NO366021);

Patent number at the end of the end little red (NO366129) (NO. ZL 2015 3 0390425.3);

Pet-name ruby ecological culture natural figure registration (NO. 2015 - F - 00191369);


Suttonsugg classic series


Mocha, lazy, cowboy boots and other popular ugg boots shoes industry classic products are from the hand of SUTTONSUGG,
        SUTTONSUGG every year spend a lot of manpower, energy and financial resources to research and development,
        starting from the first pair of manual mocha, ugg boots,
        SUTTONSUGG has gradually become the symbol of the native Australian ugg boots high-end brand;
        After 2 years of r&d, SUTTONSUGG especially introduced ugg boots COWBOY series of epoch-making design, 
       3 d washed denim technology on its, after more than 70 procedures, instantly become the focus of popular ugg boots, 
       make traditional ugg boots shinning again. Similarly, during the 2016 SUTTONSUGG successfully developed can waterproof breathable treatments,
        effectively achieve sustainable waterproof breathable not stuffy feet, ugg boots waterproof real age.

1、mocha, lazy man shoes

2、Ugg boots COWBOY series

3、Waterproof treatments


Red net promotion


Along with the continuous development of science and technology, the network promotion way is becoming more and more diversified,
        compared with the traditional mainstream media, the media coverage range, speed, the influence is bigger,
        and partial popular, so SUTTONSUGG with more than 80 have millions of fans net cooperation,
       in the various media platform to promote the sale of our products, the effect is very significant.


As the first Australian ugg boots - SUTTONSUGG expansion in China market, on the way to promote more innovation,
      use of popularity fan network of people on the microblogging platform promotion and the way the live webcast.
      In a well-known network red "bored with Eva twitter ninitalk" live,
     she had just bought in Melbourne SUTTONSUGG camouflage mocha show live audience of 8.42 million,
      after a number of domestic consumers buy out SUTTONSUGG camouflage mocha, within a week.